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Title IX:

What is Title IX?   

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 expanded opportunities for women in the areas of sports, education and society. This law revolutionized women's education by giving them opportunities equal to men and dramatically changed how they were viewed by society.  Title IX reformed education and increased the enrolment of women in higher level education and parciptation in sports.  Title IX also gave additional opportunities for men in fields such as nursing. Looking to the future, we should not forget the past struggles for educational equity for all and be vigilent in protecting our rights through this living, breathing law.


We support Title IX

Empowerment Through Education

Title IX - Empowerment Through Education

Our generation is so accustomed to equality in education that we are at times unaware of the struggles endured to ensure this right. Through our award winning website Title IX: Empowerment Through Educatiuon, we communicated not only the importance of the law, but also the journey that lead to its creation and passage. Going beyond our website that was created for the National History Day Competion, we hope to spread awarness about Title IX and the protections that students are guaranteed under this law.

Click on image above to read history of the Title IX and how it challenged entrenched social values

Take Action:

Find out who your Title IX Co-ordinator is and drop them a thank you note.

Sample Text - "Thank you for ensuring that all of us have equal educational opportunity regardless of our sex."

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