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Mind the Bot - WE Con 2017

Feedback by participants - the glitter anxiety jars were a big hit

Maanasa Nathan, Priya Ramamoorthy , Kavya Ramamoorthy and Smrithi Mahadevan pointing to "AAUW Its my Vote" picture.

Writing your worries and making a paper crane with the paper

Making Anxiety Jars

Smrithi Mahadevan teaching how to program the robot

Women and Mental Health - Kavya Ramamoorthy and Priya Ramamoorthy

Priya Ramamoorthy and Kavya Ramamoorthy teaching how to program the robot

Maanasa Nathan showing how to program the robot

We presented a workshop at the Women's Empowerment Conference (WE Con). The workshop combined robotics with hands-on activities to teach participants the importance of maintaining their mental health. Participants learned to program robots to follow a path upon which materials for the activities were placed. Sample activities include creating anxiety jars and making paper cranes.

This annual conference is presented every spring by the Women's Community Center of Central Texas. WE Con strives to be a welcoming community event where women, girls, femmes, and those who care about them can share knowledge and insights, build community, and find self-empowerment.


Smrithi Mahadevan, Kavya Ramamoorthy, Priya Ramamoorthy and Maanasa Nathan at We Con 2017

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