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Rachel Carson

National History Day Entry, 2015

Rachel Carson, an unconventional leader with a quiet demeanor, used her literary talents to educate individuals to recognize the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. Her mission was to instill “a sense of wonder” and personal responsibility towards the environment. Her books sounded the alarm and alerted Americans to the long-term environmental consequences of their actions.

National History Day Entry, 2014


Post World War II, competing ideologies manifested themselves in proxy wars between the United States and the Soviet Union. Castro's socialist revolution in 1959 shifted the conflict from the Eastern to the Western Hemisphere. Khrushchev's placement of Soviet missiles in such close proximity to the United States triggered a strong reaction in the American populous. 

Voting Rights Act of 1965: One Vote, One Voice

National History Day Entry, 2013

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was an influential piece of American democracy that ensured equal access to the ballot box among all races. This law drastically altered society by changing the political wind, enfranchising minority voters, and breaking down barriers of hatred. Even today it continues to play a role in US politics by preventing the disenfranchisment of minorities in our voting system.

Title IX: Empowerment Through Education

National History Day Entry,  2012

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 sowed the seeds of reform for women's empowerment through education. The law reformed the landscape of higher education in the United States enabling women to achieve their dreams to be doctors, engineers, athletes and more. Its work is not done; it continues to evolve as society changes.

National History Daty Entry, 2011

Debates raged within the U.S. Senate about giving control of the Panama Canal to Panama through the Carter-Torrijos Treaties. Handing over the canal was the right thing to do but, it came with its successes- a more efficient and profitable canal, failures- derailed political careers, and unintended consequences- rise of the new right.

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